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Pre & Post Wax Body Products

Prep and soothe with our Pre & Post Wax Care Essentials. Our carefully selected range includes gentle cleansers for smooth waxing prep and soothing lotions and oils for post-wax pampering. Elevate your experience with these essentials for radiant, cared-for skin.

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Waxing not only completely exfoliates your body, but it’s something that can be done any time of the year. Kimika professional body treatments are vital to maintaining healthy luxurious skin so that it’s left looking smooth and feeling soft. Pre and post waxing treatments are essential for your skin and deliver optimal results for your at-home-spa waxing system.

Some of our professional pre and post wax products include body butter and body scrub that provide luxuriously soft, polished, and evenly toned skin. What’s more, they are for both men and women, because we believe everyone’s skin should be in the best condition it can be. Shop now to give your skin the pampering it deserves, and lavish your body with Kimika’s lineup of the best pre and post wax products!


When it comes to waxing treatments there are several benefits. One of the biggest is the removal of unwanted body hair including ingrown hairs, and to make sure your skin is left feeling and looking exfoliated, pre and post waxing products should be used because they’re just as important as the waxing session itself. They include a scrub after waxing which helps remove dead skin cells, waxing lotion, body butter which promotes skin rejuvenation and renewal, and more!

After wax care at home products include pre and post wax oil and pre and post wax cleanser. They cleanse the skin from bacteria, dust, sweat, and other elements your skin may pick up from the outside. A lot of soft waxes leave a sticky residue on your skin, and your skin will be left feeling soft and moisturized with our post-wax oil. Kimika offers different pre and post wax care products so that your skin is getting the best waxing solution it needs.

Pre Wax Treatment:
Before you wax, there are products to use so that your skin is getting the optimal results it needs. At Kimika Beauty Pro we care about all stages of your waxing journey, and that’s why we offer the best pre wax cleanser for your skin. It’s an excellent pre wax treatment to ensure your skin is cleansed from dirt, sweat, and dead cells. With our pre wax products your skin will be ready and waiting for your next waxing session to start because Kimika has got all of your waxing prep in check!

Post Wax Treatment:
Following a waxing session, using an after wax treatment is important to ensure your skin is feeling refreshed and looking moisturized. Some of the post waxing products Kimika Beauty Pro offers include post wax oil, which is great for removing wax residue from the skin that comes from soft waxes. These waxes can leave stickiness on your skin and using an after wax oil will help to eliminate this.

After wax lotion is very important too because it helps to soothe the skin. There is some pulling and tearing involved following waxing treatments, and it can leave your skin feeling slightly irritated. Using a post depilatory lotion will make your skin moisturized and also protects it from any redness, especially if you have sensitive skin. Our post wax lotion comes enriched with Vitamin E which helps reduce inflammation and contributes to the healing process of the skin because we want it to get the best after wax lotion it deserves!

Made in Canada and infused with botanical fragrances, our professional grade wax promises to deliver the most effective and painless waxing experience available on the market today!
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