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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50

Face and Body Wax

Experience the best in hair removal with our thoughtfully selected Hot & Warm Wax options. Versatile and effective, this collection ensures a spa-like experience for silky-smooth results at home.

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Buy Face and Body Wax Online

Kimika Beauty offers different types of Body & Face Wax that are the most painless waxes available on the market today. All of our Face & Body Wax products come packaged in a microwavable mason jar, so it's simple and convenient for you, and they're designed for both men & women too!

If you're looking for the Best Wax Beads Canada has to offer, Kimika Beauty offers Hot Wax Beads For Face & Body that will leave your skin feeling soft and silky with its creamy texture. Wax Beads Price begins at $19.99 and is worth every penny! These stripless hot wax beads are the perfect solution to removing those stubborn ingrown hairs and will give you the desired results you're looking for. Don't wait to pamper your body with our at home waxing products, Buy Face and Body Wax today!

Buy Face Wax for Men & Women Online

If you want to Buy a Face Wax that will leave your skin feeling soft to the touch and minimize the hair growth cycle, Kimika's Coconut wax for the face & body works wonders for hair removal. Our Face Wax for Men & Women is also a great Face Wax for Sensitive Skin too. Body and face waxing at home has never been easier! Buy the Best Wax for Face at Home today!

Buy Body Wax for Men & Women Online

Body Waxing not only helps remove unwanted hair but will also reduce irritation that is often accompanied by shaving. Say goodbye to shaving cuts! Kimika Beauty offers Body Wax for Men & Women that will leave your skin hair-free and pain-free, and your body will finally get the pampering it deserves! Even the most coarse hair doesn't stand a chance against our Body Wax for Men & Women. Buy our Body Wax today, you won't be disappointed!


Why Choose Kimika’s Face and Body Wax Products?

Looking for the Best Wax in Canada? Kimika Beauty has got you covered for all of your waxing needs! From Depilatory Wax with scents of Raspberry and Coconut to the Best Wax Beads for Face and Body, you will be able to remove all that annoying facial hair and leg hair in no time! Our affordable wax products will not only soothe skin, but you'll be getting wax products that provide accurate and effective results. Say goodbye to those pesky ingrown hairs today!

Made in Canada and infused with botanical fragrances, our professional grade wax promises to deliver the most effective and painless waxing experience available on the market today!
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