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Beginner's Waxing Starter Bundle

Original price was: $89.75.Current price is: $49.99.

Introducing our Beginner's Waxing Starter Bundle, perfect for those venturing into the world of smooth, hair-free skin! This all-inclusive kit equips you with everything necessary to kickstart your professional at-home waxing journey with ease. Our user-friendly instructions and premium-quality products ensure a hassle-free experience, leaving you astonished by the simplicity and effectiveness of waxing.

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Formulated for use on all areas of the body
  • Efficiently tackles short or coarse hair.
  • Easy to microwave for added convenience.
  • Cleanable with water
Made in Canada
Suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES
Crafted by experts with 25 years in waxing products

The Bundle Includes:

  • Cold Sugar Pro Kit
  • Duo Kit
  • Black Exfoliating Glove
  • Black Exfoliating Back Towel
  • Legs & Body Wax Strips
Made in Canada and infused with botanical fragrances, our professional grade wax promises to deliver the most effective and painless waxing experience available on the market today!
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