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Coconut Pro Kit


The peak of convenience and quality. Housed in a microwavable Mason jar, this waxing kit offers effortless hair removal. Infused with luxurious coconut oil, it's gentle on sensitive skin while effectively tackling even the coarsest hair. The 6-piece kit provides everything you need for optimal results.

  • Formulated for use on all areas of the body
  • Efficiently tackles short or coarse hair.
  • Easy to microwave for added convenience.
Made in Canada
Suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES
Crafted by experts with 25 years in waxing products

The Pro Kit Includes

  • 300 g Coconut wax
  • 15 ml Post-depilatory Vitamine E Lotion
  • 15 ml Pre-depilatory Cleanser
  • 3 wooden applicators
  • 10 pelon wax strips
  • Instructional insert


  • Colophonium
  • Olus
  • Mica
  • D&C #6 Green
  • Perfume


  1. Heat the wax for 15 seconds intervals. Wax is ready to use when it's the consistency of thick honey.
  2. Apply the Pre-depilatory Cleanser to cotton pad and cleanse area to be waxed.
  3. Apply a thin layer of wax on the skin, in direction of hair growth. Immediately place the wax strip on the layer of wax and press firmly on the strip. Hold skin taugh with one hand and with the other hand pull wax strip quickly in opposite direction of hair growth.
  4. Immediately apply pressure to be waxed area.
  5. Apply the Post-depilatory Vitamin E Lotion.
Made in Canada and infused with botanical fragrances, our professional grade wax promises to deliver the most effective and painless waxing experience available on the market today!
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