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Pro Waxing Starter Kit

Raspberry Lemonade / Coconut / Maple Sugar / Cold Sugar

Can’t go to the spa right now….well we can bring the spa to you! Now is the perfect time to try the KIMIKA professional at-home spa waxing kit! Conveniently packaged in a microwavable glass mason jar. At-home waxing could not be easier.


Waxing Kit for Face & Body (300g)
Exfoliation Glove
Post-depilatory Vitamine (E) Lotion (250ml)
Pre-depilatory Cleanser (250ml)
3 x Applicators
10 x Cloth Wax Strips
Instructional Insert

See Directions

Raspberry Lemonade / Coconut / Maple Sugar / Cold Sugar

$72.00 $49.99


What's Included in your Promotion?

  • Depilatory Wax


    $27.99 Value!

    Containing only the finest ingredients and infused with botanical fragrances the KIMIKA professional grade wax promises to deliver! The most painless waxing available on the market today! Effective hair removal on the most course hair yet made for sensitive skin. You will find everything you need contained in your 6-piece kit to achieve optimal results.

  • Post-depilatory Vitamine (E) Lotion

    Coconut (250ml)

    $14.99 Value!

    The post waxing coconut oil vitamin E lotion contains powerful skin renewal action. Coconut oil proteins, contribute to the cellular tissue repair and the healing process of the skin.

    Vitamin E antioxidant properties help block free radicals, reducing inflammation and maintaining the glow of nourished skin.

  • Pre-depilatory Cleanser


    $13.99 Value!

    To achieve optimal results remove all traces of oil, cream, lotion, moisturizer or perspiration.

    Apply KIMIKA cleanser to cotton pad and cleanse area to be waxed. Blot area dry.

  • Exfoliation Glove

    1x Glove

    $14.99 Value!

    The KIMIKA Glove is a gift to your skin.

    Gently bu away dry dull skin and eliminate dead skin cells with the use of the professional KIMIKA Glove.

    The exfoliation rejuvenates your skin by drawing oxygen to the surface and stimulates cell turnover and helps eliminate ingrown hairs. Your skin will noticeably become soft and supple after only two weeks of use.